Going to the dentist is often a dreaded thought for many people. This includes adults and not just children. The family dentistry services offered at Zeal Dentistry and the caring, professional staff help relieve our patients’ fears and apprehensions. The friendly staff at the practice, including our new dentist, helps family members understand the many benefits of family dentistry. We cater to all types of families at Zeal.

What Makes a Family Dentist Different?

One of the greatest benefits of going to a dentist practice that provides services to the entire family is that family members all receive their dental care at the same location. Zeal Dentistry, conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco, provides a variety of services in a caring environment, including pediatric dentistry care.

Parents no longer have to go to one dentist for their dental health needs and then go to another dentist’s office across town somewhere to obtain dental care for their children. The caring dental team provides care that everyone in the family can trust while helping everyone in the family achieve their best smile.

Other Benefits of Family Dentistry

The second benefit of family dentistry is the variety of services, particularly the services available at Zeal Dentistry. General dentistry services are obviously an important aspect of caring for your teeth. General dentistry focuses on helping you and your family to maintain their healthy teeth and gums. The family dentistry services offered at Zeal Dentistry combine the high-quality skills, training, and knowledge of general dentistry and pediatric dentistry to care for all age groups.

The dentist looks forward to your semi-annual visits to ensure that your entire family has the healthy teeth and gums necessary for good oral health. It is important to understand that poor oral health can affect patients’ overall health, whether the patient is a pediatric dentistry patient or an adult general dentistry patient.

Find a Family Dentist Near You

When an individual gets a cavity or develops other oral health issues, Zeal Dentistry’s professional staff is here for patients who need dental health services beyond the normal checkup every six months, which is a third benefit of family dentistry care. It is also important to realize that every six-month visits are a general guideline. The number of visits that you or your family member requires depends on that person’s specific needs. Some people may need a variety of treatments that may require several visits before completion of the treatment or specific dental service.

Some services provided by the dentist include:

Several other services are provided at the practice, including pediatric dentistry for children over five years of age, teeth whitening, bridges, Invisalign services, and surgical arts, including implants. Emergency dental services are sometimes required, a service also offered at the family dentistry San Francisco location.

Reach Out to Zeal Dentistry for Dental Services in a Professional and Caring Environment

Any dentist can claim that they provide a wide range of dental services. However, the dentists at Zeal Dentistry understand the fears that patients often have when going to the dentist. We provide gentle care for a variety of your dental health needs.

The entire staff focuses on you as an individual from the time that you make an appointment. Contact us today at 415.792.4771 to make an appointment for yourself or your family member. You can also contact us by completing our convenient form to learn more about general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry services. Reach out to us now to learn more about Zeal Dentistry.

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