While getting a cavity filled is inconvenient, it will help prevent problems in the future. Cavities cause a buildup of harmful bacteria if left untreated. While everyone’s mouth has bacteria in it, overgrowth in an uncontrolled environment is high-risk for complications. Our team at Zeal Dentistry wants you to do what you can to prevent cavities from forming in the first place.

What Causes a Cavity to Happen?

A cavity is a hole located in the center of the tooth. This area typically has soft tissues. It is also where many of the food particles not washed away during brushing and flossing remain. This creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and flourish. Bacteria feed on this and burrow deeper and deeper into the tooth, creating an opening on the surface of the tooth. Over time, this worsens as the amount of bacteria present grows. 

As this occurs, cavities worsen, leading to more intense pain and discomfort. Soon, the nerve root located in this area of the root is exposed. That causes terrible pain that’s hard to ignore. Over time, if left untreated, the tooth can be lost. 

If you have a cavity present, having a cavity filling completed is important. This will help to close off the area and prevent bacteria from getting into it. 

How to Prevent a Cavity

Cavity prevention is worth it. It can help to save your tooth, minimize pain, and ensure long-term dental health. Some of the best ways to prevent a cavity include:

  • Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least three times a day or after eating. This washes away the bacteria. 
  • Rinse your mouth using an alcohol-based mouthwash. This also works well to flush the bacteria out of the mouth. 
  • Make sure to get a dental checkup and cleaning at least one time every six months. 
  • Floss your teeth to remove the bacteria that builds up between the teeth that do not brush away easily.
  • Consider the investment in fluoride treatments, which strengthen the tooth and be a good way to minimize a cavity’s onset.

You can also make more significant changes to minimize the risk of a cavity. For example, reducing the amount of sugar-based foods you consume can make a big difference in cavities. Sugar helps to feed bacteria, allowing it to get out of control. Bacteria overpowers your immune system and causes havoc on your teeth. You can also improve your dental health by eating healthy, nutritious meals. This can help you to get all the nutrients you need to maintain your immune system’s function. 

Getting treatment for a cavity usually involves scheduling a cleaning and cavity filling. Your general dentistry team can help you to do this. 

Get a Cavity Filled

They can also provide addiction steps for cavity prevention, allowing you to minimize what’s causing the damage to your teeth. Our team at Zeal Dentistry can do this type of work for you. Once you schedule a consultation and cleaning with our team, we’ll talk to you about your need to have the cavity filling. We also offer other services to help improve your oral health, including:

Protect Your Dental Health with Zeal Dentistry

Having a cavity may not seem like a big deal. Yet, that single cavity filling means your dental health is at risk should you not receive proper care. For those who need help with cavities near San Francisco, give our team at Zeal Dentistry a call. You can book an appointment with us by calling 415.792.4771 or by contacting us online today.

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