When you’re looking for pediatric dentistry in Texas, you want one who will provide your child with a full array of services and resources. With the professionals of Lovett Dental offices in Texas, you can expect your child to receive a thorough semi-annual oral exam, which can include teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and any necessary dental x-rays. Lovett Dental pediatric dentists are also able to identify signs of irregular or improper tooth growth and whether or not your child will need special services such as orthodontics or bite guards.

Early detection of oral disease is crucial to a healthy mouth and is an important part of your kids’ dental exams. Your dental professionals will identify any early signs of gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis.

Because of poor oral hygiene habits and diets high in sugar, many kids are prone to tooth decay and cavities. Helping your child develop appropriate and healthy dental hygiene habits is an integral part of our dental services. The professionals at Lovett Dental will advise you and your kids on the proper ways to keep teeth and gums clean, what foods to avoid, and what foods to include in a tooth-healthy diet.

Services Provided by Lovett Dental Beaumont’s Beyond Kids’ Oral Health Exams

The specialists and dentists at the Lovett Dental offices in Texas are well-equipped to provide a host of services. Besides children’s dentistry, these include the following:

In addition, if you need emergency dental services, you may be able to schedule a same-day appointment with us. An emergency situation includes toothaches, lost or broken teeth, mouth or gum infections, mouth swelling, lost or cracked fillings, lost or cracked crowns, and broken appliances such as wires and brackets.

When to Start Kids’ Oral Health Exams

Kids’ teeth start to emerge from their gums as early as 6 months old. This is the time when babies are starting to experiment with solid foods. Kids’ dental exams can also begin at this age. Lovett Dental provides children’s dentistry services for all stages of kids oral development, starting from infancy through the late teen years.

Starting kids’ dental exams early in life is also good for you. As a parent, you want to know what to expect as your child develops. You also want to know about potential problems sooner rather than later. Armed with knowledge, you are able to make better decisions about your kids’ oral health.

Dentists Specially Trained in Kids’ Dental Exams

At Lovett Dental offices in Texas, all of the pediatric dentists have obtained special training beyond dental school. Each dentist has undergone a two-year residency program during which they specialized in pediatric dentistry. Lovett Dental pediatric dentists and specialists are also board-certified professionals in their field of study. In addition, they underwent training in the latest techniques and technologies