Dental bonding uses resin material that LoveJoy Dentistry specialists adapt to your tooth color. It’s a budget-friendly solution to minor tooth repairs. Besides that, it can result in an improved look of your smile. However, are you a good candidate for this procedure?

Who Benefits from Dental Bonding Procedures?

Do you have a tooth with an unsightly chip? Every time you smile at the mirror, you notice it. Maybe you have a cracked tooth. It might not yet need one of the dental crowns in Lucas, TX.

Some patients have larger than typical gaps between their front teeth. They’d love to fix this gap. Others don’t like the gray tinge that amalgam fillings create. A resin product is a better option because it mimics the color of your teeth.

How the Process Works

Dental bonding is an easy process for most patients. LoveJoy Dentistry recommends undergoing a hygiene appointment and preventative oral exam ahead of time. It ensures that everything’s in good shape. Besides that, it’ll help our experts pinpoint any cavities that need filling.

On the day of the appointment, we determine if you need numbing. Usually, you don’t. Exceptions are situations when we work near a nerve or fill a cavity. Next, we use an abrasive tool to create a rough edge where we’ll apply the bonding.

Our dentist then places a piece of bonding material on your tooth. A combination of glue and light hardens the material and adheres it. Finally, the dentist shapes the dental bonding Lucas TX residents ask about. After trimming and polishing it, it’ll then look like a part of the tooth itself.

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Dental bonding is only one option. LoveJoy Dentistry works with patients to determine which solution’s best for them. For example, choices include:

  • Replacement of amalgam fillings and crowns with resin products that hide the dental work
  • Porcelain veneers, which change the look of your smile with a thin shell that we place over each tooth
  • KoR whitening as a tool for improving the brightness of your natural smile
  • Oral appliances that correct overcrowding and straighten teeth
  • Implants to replace missing teeth and restore the completeness of your smile

Should You Consider Dental Bonding?

The bonding process is quick, simple, and makes sense when you have a minor imperfection to cover up. Most importantly, it doesn’t require several appointments. Customization happens right there in the dentist’s chair. In this way, the bonding is quicker than a veneer, crown, or implant.

On the other side of the equation is the fact that you’ll need to redo the process in a few years. Whereas implants could last a lifetime, bonding may require a redo in five to ten years. If you chew on your nails, it’s possible for a bonded portion to break off. For diehard coffee or tea drinkers, there’s the staining potential.

Porcelain veneers or crowns don’t usually discolor. Bonding resin, on the other hand, may very well discolor if you expose it enough to coffee or tea. That said, the dental bonding in Lucas, TX, is an excellent way of test-driving changes to your teeth. Examples include making them a little longer or covering gaps.

Protecting Bonding Resin after Installation

You’ve decided to undergo the tooth bonding process. It’s time to end some of the habits you might have right now. For example, quit chewing on ice or pens. Also, don’t use your teeth to open packages or nuts.

Quit chewing on your fingernails. If you lose the resin altogether, you’ll just go through the process again.

Undergo the Dental Care You Need to Look Your Best

Resin is a material we use to fill cavities. However, we also use it for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, it’s the type of product that can make you look your best while protecting oral health. Don’t you owe it to yourself to have the most beautiful smile possible?

Contact LoveJoy Dentistry today to learn more about your options. Find out how dental bonding could be a game changer for you. Scheduling an appointment is easy. Simply call 972.449.7411 now.