When it comes to learning about braces, sometimes the more information you have, the more you’ll realize this is the right move for you and your smile. Our team at Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch offers a range of solutions to improve your smile. We work with children through adults and use some of the most innovative approaches available today. If you’re looking for an orthodontist you can trust, give our team a call.

Learning About Braces Starts with Knowing Your Options

If you are thinking about braces, chances are good you are unhappy about the alignment of your teeth. They may be significantly misaligned or just slightly. If your child has a smile you’re worried about, we can help you with that as well. We’ll go through some of the options in braces here with you, but also know that we offer a range of services to help you get started, including:

What Type of Braces Are Right for You?

After meeting with our professionals, our goal will be to discuss the options in braces with you. There are many more types today than there have been in the past. That gives you a lot of help when learning about braces to find the option right for all of your needs. Here’s a look at some of those options.

Traditional Metal Braces

We use high-grade stainless steel for this type. This tends to be the least expensive and very effective option. This option allows for relative comfort but does require a good amount of follow up. Many people do not like this option because it is easy to see the metal against the teeth.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Another option is to use clear ceramic braces. They are made to be clear, so they are harder to see when against the teeth. This bracing technology works very well, but it can be a bit more delicate than metal. This is a moderately priced option that does require more oral hygiene and a few extra dental appointments.

Clear Aligners

Many people learning about braces will find themselves using clear aligning trays. These work well over time, and they tend to be a good option for overall comfort. They are also invisible. That means no one knows you have them on unless you tell them they are. They can be a very good option for many people, including teens and adults who want good results without any apparent changes.

Our orthodontist may recommend this option for you if you want to take your braces off for various reasons. These are on acrylic trays that slide into your mouth and work to straighten your smile when present. You can take them out, though, when you want to eat or brush your teeth. Many people like that they can straighten their teeth without anyone knowing and control when the trays are in place and when they take them out.

Is It Time to Learn More? Call Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch

Learning about braces is a very good starting point for deciding your needs. Yet, you don’t want to stop there. Come in to see an orthodontist who can offer insight and support to you. We can provide you with a formal exam and tell you what specific options may help in your situation. We’re here to help you at Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch. Call us today at 832.662.3059 for an appointment time.

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