Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral available in water from rivers, streams, lakes, inside the ground, and oceans. Research has proven that this mineral helps reduce cavities in people of all ages. But even more importantly, it can help repair tooth decay in its early stages, before you realize you have a cavity. Fluoride treatment in your dentist’s office enables you to keep your family’s teeth strong and healthy, as a supplement to the fluoride you take in each day.

When you visit your fluoride treatment dentist in Lucas, TX, your family dentist, you learn more about the importance of fluoride treatment. The subject usually comes up during teeth cleaning in Lucas, TX, or during your twice-yearly dental exam. If your dentist believes you need more fluoride, he recommends this treatment. Or you can ask him for more information about treatment and whether it suits your needs.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Make Your Teeth Stronger?

When you take in fluoride through water, toothbrushing using fluoride toothpaste or in your dentist’s office, your teeth absorb this helpful mineral. It goes through the enamel, where it repairs early damage by stimulating new calcium and phosphorous to harden your teeth. This remineralization repairs some effects of decay and helps prevent new decay from occurring.

Tooth decay occurs when acid-producing bacteria collects on your teeth and gums. This bacteria film is plaque. Plaque left on your teeth and gums hardens into tartar, making it even more difficult to remove bacteria from these surfaces. The most significant causes of plaque buildup and tooth decay are poor daily oral hygiene and missed twice-yearly dental visits.

By brushing twice daily and using dental floss to clean between your teeth, you remove much of this plaque. Fluoride in your water and toothpaste also helps you prevent decay and repair teeth. Mouth rinses and dental office fluoride treatments also help you maintain a healthy smile. Visiting your fluoride treatment dentist in Lucas, TX, gives you an advantage against plaque and the dental damage it causes.

How to Get the Fluoride You Need

There are two types of fluoride you can receive for good dental health. These include systemic and topical fluoride. Systemic fluoride is fluoride you swallow, such as through drinking water and dietary supplements. But for the best results, you need fluoride delivered both systemically and topically.

Topical fluoride treatment includes fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouth rinses bought in a pharmacy or grocery store, and professional fluoride treatments in the dentist’s office. Your dentist uses a fluoride solution, foam, varnish, or gel. Your dental hygienist sometimes applies the fluoride using a cotton swab or brush. Or you may use it as a rinse or in a tray you wear in your mouth for several minutes.

The dentist tells you not to rinse, drink, or eat for 30 minutes after the visit when you receive fluoride. This allows your teeth to absorb the mineral and start repairing tiny problem areas on your teeth.

Some people only receive fluoride in the dentist’s office once or even just a few times in their lives. Others need these treatments every three months, six months, or year. If you are at high risk for tooth decay, your dentist may advise of other ways to receive more fluoride. Sometimes these methods include prescription or over-the-counter fluoride products.

Preventive Dentistry in Lucas, TX

Your Lucas, TX dentist understands the importance of preventing dental problems before they occur. That is why he offers fluoride as one of the methods for ensuring your best dental health. Other dental services you receive from your Lucas preventive dentistry practice include:

You can count on your Lucas, TX dentist at LoveJoy Dentistry for crowns, bridges, fillings, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal, on top of all of the above services. You also receive oral cancer screening as part of regular dental exams, with sleep apnea treatment, teeth whitening, and fluoride treatment when needed. To start receiving the best possible dental care for yourself and your whole family, call LoveJoy Dentistry now at 972.449.7411 to schedule your first visit.