Are you unsure if you need to see your dentists right now? It is a good idea to come in for dentist appointments at least one time every six months. However, some people should come in more often for dental procedures they need. Investing time into your dental care can help to ensure your teeth remain healthy for years to come. It can also help ensure you can smile with confidence. At Lovett Dental Kohrville, we can help make this happen. Contact us today at 832.662.3205 for more information.

How Often Do You Need to See Dentists?

A general dentist is the type of professional you should see at least one time every six months. These dentists can follow the health of your teeth, bones, and other oral cavity components. This dentist ensures that if you need care, you can get it before any condition worsens and requires more advanced support. We encourage you to make dentist appointments at least every six months, or more often if you have additional needs.

Are Dentists Appointments Always Necessary?

There is no other way for your dentists to provide you with a comprehensive dental exam than for you to come in for dentist appointments on a routine basis. If you need dental procedures or need to deal with tooth pain, we need to see you in our office to determine what is happening. There are some situations where we can answer questions over the phone, but that is rarely the case. Dentists need to see what’s happening.

What Dental Procedures Require More Frequent Visits?

You may need to book more frequent dental appointments in some cases. Our team will tell you when that is necessary for dental procedures. Most of the time, after you have a procedure, we may need you to come back in for a follow-up. There are a few other times when you should schedule appointments with us.

Cavities: We may recommend coming in more frequently if you’ve had cavities. Our goal is to help prevent this from occurring again when possible. A dental exam is an excellent way to do that.

Periodontal disease treatment: Many people develop gingivitis and then periodontal disease. This condition may mean you need more frequent visits to the dentists to keep your disease under control and to work to repair the damage. The frequency depends on the stage of your condition.

Braces: You may need to come in more often when you have braces, too. During this type of dental appointment, we may need to provide an exam, tighten the braces, or make other adjustments.

Come In When You Need Help

Your dentists are here to help you with any oral need you have over time. Dental procedures are available to you frequently. You can also schedule dentist appointments with our team for tooth pain. We offer emergency help when you need it as well. Most importantly, our general dentistry team is here to help you overcome it if there is something wrong. Even if you are not sure if you need advanced care or want to talk about your options to improve your smile, we are here for you.

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