Do your teeth hurt in cold weather? That may sound like a strange situation, but tooth pain in cold weather is somewhat common. It can happen for various reasons but tends to be a result of tooth sensitivity. At Lovett Dental Beaumont, our team is here to help ensure you get this taken care of or get help dealing with it.

Why Do You Have Tooth Pain in Cold Weather?

There are a few things that can cause this type of tooth sensitivity individuals experience. Every situation is a bit different. However, some common causes of tooth pain in cold weather include these.

Contraction Due to Temperatures

Contraction and expansion are some of the most common causes. Cold air, as well as hot foods, can cause this. If you are exposed to cold air, your teeth can change as much as 120 degrees due to temperature alone. They can expand and contract due to the temperatures, just like many other materials. Small cracks form in the teeth when this happens. This allows for the pain to occur.

Dentin Exposure

A common cause of tooth sensitivity is the result of dentin exposure. Your teeth have an enamel exterior. Over time, some of that enamel may wear down, especially with poor oral hygiene. When this happens, it can cause the dentin, which is the layer below the enamel, to be exposed. This causes the teeth to become very sensitive as that dentin isn’t supposed to be exposed. The nerves located inside your teeth are more susceptible to pain at this point.

What Can You Do About Tooth Sensitivity?

When you have this type of tooth pain in cold weather, you don’t have to stay inside all of the time. Rather, you need to work with your dentist to find help. Here are a few steps we may recommend:

When you come in to see our team, we will ask you questions about tooth sensitivity, including when you have it and how often. Our team wants to ensure that we’re taking care of the procedure with the best possible resources.

One of the ways we may do this is by providing you with toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You can find some types of over-the-counter toothpaste that can work. However, we can provide you with a more effective prescription product. It can help to minimize the exposure to dentin and help to reduce your pain.

In addition to this, you can also have a screening done to locate any cavities. These can lead to more pain and may worsen tooth sensitivity if they are not taken care of right away. If you have cavities, we offer a variety of treatments that can resolve them.

At home, consider these tips until you come in to see us:

  • Breathe through your nose, not your mouth.
  • Wrap a scarf around your mouth to minimize exposure to very cold weather.
  • Brush your teeth with consistency.
  • Be sure to floss at least two times a day.
  • Reduce the number of acidic foods you consume as this can worsen the condition.

Seek Out a Team That’s Here to Help at Lovett Dental Beaumont

If you have tooth pain in cold weather, it’s time to come in to see our team. We are here to help you ensure you have the best overall experience possible. When it comes to tooth sensitivity, call our team at any time of the year for procedures that can help you. Call Lovett Dental Beaumont today at 409.230.0393 for an appointment.

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