If you’re concerned about going to the dentist after the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Many individuals have worries about receiving medical care or returning to their regular activities now that states are reopening. However, dental care is important in maintaining good overall health. Left untreated, many oral health issues can become more serious health issues. Yet your Columbia dentist can catch and treat these issues before they impact your health.

As dentist practices reopen after the coronavirus pandemic, many are putting into place strict procedures to ensure the safety of their patients and staff. If you have not received your regular cleaning or dental exam due to the pandemic, it is time to make an appointment and prioritize your oral health. Learn more about why dental care is important and how maintaining your oral health can keep you healthy.

Why Is Dental Care Important?

Why is it important to take care of your teeth? Practicing good oral hygiene practices and regularly visiting your dentist for teeth cleanings, exams, and periodontal treatment can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. If problems like tooth decay or infection are not treated, they can lead to more serious issues. Untreated decay can cause painful toothaches. Additionally, when plaque and bacteria build up on the gums, they can lead to gum disease. These issues do not only affect the health of your mouth, but they can also impact your overall health.

Decay or infection, when left untreated, can eventually lead to tooth loss. Not only does proper dental care help you stay healthy, but it can improve your appearance as well. Your dentist can help you achieve the smile you want through services like the following:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Braces
  • Dental crowns

Discuss your options for care with your dentist to learn more about how these procedures can impact the appearance of your smile.

Good Habits for Dental Care

What habits can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy? First, brushing and flossing every day is essential to remove bacteria and plaque on the teeth. Use a fluoride toothpaste, which can actually help reverse the effects of plaque and tooth decay. Ask your dentist about toothbrushes or floss that they recommend for your unique needs.

Next, watch what you eat. Sugary foods and drinks can lead to the buildup of plaque. Fresh fruits and vegetables and sugar-free drinks like water and unsweetened tea can help wash away harmful bacteria.

Finally, schedule regular cleanings and dental exams. Many issues, like tooth decay or the early stages of gum disease, are difficult to spot, and you might not notice an issue until you develop pain or other uncomfortable symptoms. However, a dentist can spot these issues during general dentistry services before they become more complicated problems. Make an appointment with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are healthy and to discuss preventative care.

Quality Family Dentistry at Columbia Smiles

At Columbia Smiles, we have provided high-quality dental care to the Howard County community for over 35 years. Our dentists and hygienists are committed to making every patient in our care feel comfortable and welcomed. In addition to dental services like cleanings and exams, we offer cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening and veneers and services to protect and repair teeth like dental crowns and root canals.

If you are concerned about going to the dentist after the coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to learn more about our sanitation procedures and guidelines for maintaining social distancing at our dental practice. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment–your dental health is important. Contact us at Columbia Smiles by calling 410.690.4855 to speak to a member of our staff and set up an appointment today.