One in three children and one in five adults grind their teeth and clench their jaws as part of a condition called bruxism. This nighttime activity occurs as they sleep, causing painful symptoms, poor sleep, and dental damage. If you or someone you love grind or clench your teeth at night, your dentist can help. Custom night guards help reduce these activities, so you get a better night’s sleep and stop suffering uncomfortable symptoms.

Your dentist in Lucas, Texas, can help you stop grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw at night through teeth grinding solutions in Lucas, TX. One of the best solutions, night guards, can help you sleep better while preventing dental damage and the symptoms bruxism causes. Talk to your dentist about night guards at your next dental visit.

About Bruxism

Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of your teeth, most often at night. This common problem affects tens of millions of American adults and children. You may have this condition and not realize it until someone in your family alerts you to common symptoms, or your dentist sees the damage caused while you sleep.

You possibly suffer bruxism if you notice several symptoms, including:

  • Grinding sound at night
  • Tight, painful jaw muscles
  • Facial pain that lasts a long time
  • Rhythmic jaw muscle contractions
  • Occasional swelling on your lower jaw

Waking up with dull headaches, tooth pain, or a sore jaw can indicate bruxism. The best way to know if you grind or clench your teeth at night is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist offers night guards for clenching and grinding your teeth, along with several lifestyle recommendations that can help.

Night guards for clenching jaws and grinding teeth are custom-crafted dental appliances worn while sleeping. You can also find lower quality night guards at your pharmacy. But one purchased through your dentist provides a custom fit to your teeth. For fitted night guards, your dentist creates an impression of your teeth used as a mold by a dental lab.

Night guards in Lucas, TX, keep your upper teeth from grinding against your lower teeth. These prevent chips, cracks, and fractures that can lead to tooth loss. It also prevents jaw muscle strain caused by clenching of your teeth.

Other Ways to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Night guards in Lucas, TX, are the best solution for the treatment of nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching. But other possible treatments can help, too.

Talk to your dentist about teeth straightening to correct teeth that are not correctly aligned. This malocclusion can cause teeth grinding or also make it worse. Traditional braces or clear aligner trays can straighten your teeth and help you overcome your teeth grinding.

Stress relief, or prevention of stress in the first place, can prevent bruxism, too. Anxiety is a leading cause of the condition, so meditation, professional counseling, or other relaxation methods can certainly help.

Medications and diet also affect bruxism. Caffeine is a major culprit of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Some antidepressants and other medications also add to these problems. Talk to your dentist about caffeine use and medications you take, so they can help you find ways to relieve your nighttime dental damage and symptoms of the disorder.

Night Guards and Other Dental Services in Lucas, TX

Finding a Lucas, TX dentist to help you stop grinding your teeth as well as clenching your jaw at night is easy. Simply look for a dentist recommended by your family and friends, one providing a quality mix of dental services for your whole family. Key dental services your family needs include:

LoveJoy Dentistry in Lucas, TX, provides all of these types of dental care. At LoveJoy Dentistry, you can also obtain night guards and receive sleep apnea treatment. This means your Lucas dentist at LoveJoy is able to help you have the most attractive and healthiest possible smile, while also helping you maintain healthy sleep and stop suffering bruxism symptoms. Call LoveJoy Dentistry now at 972.449.7411 to schedule your first visit with your new family dentist.