Your dental health is crucial to the overall health of your body. One of the most effective ways to keep your dental and oral health in good condition is by preventing tooth decay and cavities. When left untreated, cavities get bigger and can affect deep layers of your teeth. Worse still, a dental cavity can lead to an oral infection, severe toothache, and tooth loss. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of a cavity so you can consult your local dentist in Pearland, Texas as soon as you think you have a cavity. If you believe you need dental treatment services, please contact Lovett Dental Pearland today at 254.275.6542.

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is a permanent damage on the hard surface of a tooth that develops into holes. Cavities occur when enamel erodes due to acids that occur when bacteria break down sugar in the mouth. The holes start as tiny holes and may grow larger with time and eventually destroy the whole tooth.

Regular oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting our Pearland, TX oral healthcare professionals can help eliminate the acid plaque. Areas susceptible to developing plaque include:

  • Chewing surfaces on the premolars and molars where food particles collect in the grooves and crevices
  • Space between teeth
  • The bottom surface of the teeth near the gums

What Are the Possible Symptoms of a Cavity?

The signs and symptoms of a cavity depend on the extent of decay and the location. During the initial stages of a cavity, you may not experience any symptoms, whereas, during the advanced stages, when the decay gets bigger, the symptoms may become more severe. Here are some of the symptoms of a cavity:

Tooth Discoloration

When tooth decay begins, there are likely to be dark spots on the tooth surface where tooth decay is about to take place. You may mistake the dark spots for staining or just normal tooth discoloration. As the decay progresses, you will notice the dark spots start getting bigger.

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Food

As decay eats up the enamel, the dentin gets more exposed. Dentin is sensitive and porous, and when exposed, foods that are hot, cold, or acidic can stimulate the cells and nerves in the tooth, causing tooth sensitivity.

Sensitivity to Sweets

Sensitivity to hot and cold foods is the most common form of sensitivity that you may experience when you have a cavity. However, if you experience extreme sensitivity to sugary foods and drinks, that could also indicate the possibility of tooth decay.

Holes in Teeth

When bacteria eat on the enamel, small pits and holes may form. These holes and craters indicate that you have a tooth cavity. In this case, your experienced dentist in Pearland, TX can remove the decay or fill the holes depending on the severity.

Bad Breath

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria break down sugary foods into acid. Bacteria in the mouth produce waste that contributes to bad breath. Persistent bad breath that’s not easy to deal with could be a sign of a tooth cavity.


If you have a cavity, you may experience some pain in your teeth or gums. The severity of the pain depends on the extent of your tooth decay. Nonetheless, whether the pain is mild or severe, make sure to visit your dentist in Texas for a filling.

Swelling Gums

When you have receding gums, plaque acids can attack the soft tissues. This can lead to bleeding gums, especially during brushing or flossing. Therefore, it is worthwhile to visit your dentist in Pearland, Texas for the right diagnosis and general dental treatment.

No Symptoms

During the initial stages of cavities, the holes are tiny and can only be identified through X-ray. At this point, you may not experience symptoms of a cavity at all. While it may save you from going through the undesirable symptoms, it’s problematic as you may not receive timely treatment.

Visit Lovett Dental Pearland for Cavity Treatment

While preventing tooth cavities is an ideal solution, don’t worry if your dentist diagnoses you with a tooth cavity. The best way to deal with a cavity is to identify and treat it as early as possible. At Lovett Dental, we offer a range of general and specialized dental services which include:

Discover tooth decay by having regular dental check-ups in Pearland, Texas. If you’re worried that you’re exhibiting symptoms of a cavity, contact Lovett Dental Pearland at 254.275.6542 to schedule a dental appointment.

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