One of the first things people will notice about you is your smile. However, many people are not confident about their teeth. If your self-confidence is damaged by less than sparkling white teeth, maybe you should look into teeth whitening options in San Francisco, California. 

If you are looking into teeth whitening, you may be wondering, “What teeth whitening options are available?” At Zeal Dentistry, we offer several types of teeth whitening options. We can help you become more confident in your smile, and, ultimately, in you. 

Home Teeth Whitening Options in San Francisco

Some options for teeth whitening don’t have to happen at your dentist’s office. For many, home options may be more appealing. Zeal Dentistry can recommend a variety of options for home teeth whitening. For instance, popular choices can include: 

  • Toothpaste: Today, many toothpaste brands are offering teeth whitening as well as cavity protection. Your dentist can recommend the best option so you don’t waste your time on brands that don’t do what they say they will. 
  • Gel: Whitening gels are a more intensive choice. To apply this, you put a little bit of gel on a small brush, and then use the brush to apply the gel onto your teeth. 
  • Rinses: Whitening rinses are a bit like mouth wash. You swish the rinse around your mouth for 60 seconds before you brush your teeth twice a day. 
  • Whitening strips: These thin strips are coated with a whitening gel. You apply the strips directly to your teeth.  
  • Whitening trays: You can buy this option over the counter, or you can get it from your dentist. A mouthguard-like plate is filled with some form of peroxide-bleach. You would wear this tray a few hours a day until your teeth are as white as you want them. 

Your dentist can recommend the right home teeth whitening option for you. 

In-Office Options

You have two choices if you want your whitening done professionally. The first option is the in-office bleaching. For this treatment, your dentist places a hydrogen peroxide paste on your teeth. This treatment usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. However, in-office bleaching can also be more expensive. 

Your second choice, if you want your dentist to apply the treatment, is laser whitening. This process is similar to the process for in-office bleaching. However, instead of letting the paste dry by itself, your dentist will heat it with a CO2 laser. You probably will need 2-4 treatments, spaced out over 1-2 weeks. However, this option may increase your teeth sensitivity or damage your tooth pulp.  

Choose Zeal Dentistry

Whether you choose a home whitening solution or an in-office option, you should talk with your dentist before starting a teeth whitening regimen. At Zeal Dentistry, we can assist with all of your dental needs, including

If you are searching for teeth whitening options in San Francisco, contact Zeal Dentistry at 415.792.4771. We will help you love your smile again.