Many teens and adults face the important decision of wisdom teeth removal. Thanks to modern technologies like dental X-rays and advanced knowledge of your dentist, you do not need to suffer the pain of problem wisdom teeth, as people once did. When your dentist talks to you about having these unneeded teeth removed, ask about the benefits of removing wisdom teeth to make your decision.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Really Necessary?

About 85 percent of people need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth removal in Parker, CO prevents many problems much more painful and uncomfortable than extraction. These problems include:

  • Damage to other teeth
  • Jaw problems
  • Sinus issues
  • Inflamed gums
  • Cavities
  • Misalignment of teeth

Through general dentistry and other dental services in Parker, CO, like wisdom teeth removal, you prevent the need for more specialized and expensive care later. This is one of the biggest benefits of removing wisdom teeth. Your dentist helps you understand the problems you face if you do not remove your wisdom teeth.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom teeth cannot emerge or do grow into place, they usually cause bigger oral health problems. One of the biggest benefits of removing wisdom teeth is preventing these issues. Such problems include gum disease and inflammation, pain in your face and mouth, tooth overcrowding, bite problems, and tooth decay. This is why dentists push the benefits of removing wisdom teeth over keeping them.

Early extraction of these teeth enables you to enjoy wisdom teeth removal benefits, such as prevention of oral health problems. This procedure also improves the overall quality of life. Wisdom teeth removal takes out the full tooth, including its roots.

Wisdom teeth removal benefits include:

Reduction in Headaches
Your permanent molars and other adult teeth establish themselves firmly in your jaw and gums by early adulthood. This makes your wisdom teeth trying to emerge cause unwanted movement of these well-established teeth. As a result, you face teeth crowding. Crowding of teeth causes a range of symptoms, such as headaches.

Oral and Facial Pain Prevention or Relief
Another problem people face when keeping their wisdom teeth is orofacial pain. This pain in your mouth and face come from problems related to your wisdom teeth, such as tooth crowding, gum disease, and tooth decay. You experience a lower quality of life when keeping your third molars, largely because of the pain you experience on an ongoing basis.

Reduced Risk of Oral Disease
Keeping your wisdom teeth means you suffer greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. These common problems lead to more advanced oral infections and discomfort. You also face loss of vital tissues from these conditions, such as through bone loss and gum recession. The earlier you allow wisdom teeth removal, the less likely you are to face these damages to your oral and physical health.

You Need Adult Dental Care with Wisdom Teeth Removal

As you grow from adolescence into adult years, you need a dentist who knows how to treat adults, particularly with problems like those wisdom teeth cause. Some of these dental services include:

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