At Lovett Dental, our Texas specialty dentists install dental implants every day. They present one of the safest forms of tooth replacement. However, we understand that so me clients have concerns about the safety of dental implants. Therefore, we have put together some information to help you decide between implants, crowns, and bridges. If you have questions regarding your options, reach out to your dentist to discuss specialty dental services

The Dental Implant Process

During the procedure, a dental implant Specialist in Texas provides a local anesthetic. To secure the device, your dentist will drill holes along the jawline. The installed fastener serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth or teeth. Typically, you get the crown, bridge, or denture plate in a subsequent visit. Most clients have mild pain following the procedure. Your dentist will provide a prescription or recommend over-the-counter solutions to manage the pain. As with many dental procedures, you may experience some discomfort following the surgery. Your dentist will advise you on what foods to avoid during the healing process. For example, you may want to avoid crunchy foods while your jaw heals.

The Safety of Dental Implants

If you have concerns about dental implant safety, ask your dentist or oral surgeon to help you understand the risk. Infections pose the greatest threat during the healing process. However, infections rarely result from the surgery itself. By following your Houston dentist’s oral hygiene instructions, you can avoid infections and facilitate the healing process.

In rare cases, you may need to undergo additional surgery due to complications in the healing process. The vast majority of procedures have positive outcomes, underscoring the overall safety of dental implants.

Reducing Complications of Dental Implants 

Most patients have no problems with their implants. However, some feel a bit uncomfortable until they get used to them. Traditional crowns and bridges will require the same adjustment period. Soon, you find yourself comfortable with the device even when you speak or chew. Visually, the new implants resemble natural teeth. Take care of your teeth properly, 

and the safety of dental implants increases dramatically. Talk to your 

dentist about any medical conditions you have that may impact the effectiveness and healing of dental implants. You may need to take extra precautions if you have an autoimmune disorder such as AIDS or HIV.

Complications can occur during healing, especially when you relax your oral hygiene habits or eat the wrong kinds of food. To avoid additional surgery, follow the dentist’s instructions very closely. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have during the crucial healing stage.

Complications from dental implants can cause infection and pain, which may result in the removal of the implant in a small percentage of cases. As healing progresses, the risks decrease, and your mouth begins to accept the inserted implant. Prioritize oral hygiene so that the gums, teeth, and mouth remain clear of bacteria that cause infections.

In most cases, you have the power to control implant failure. When you keep the gums and teeth clean and healthy, the safety of dental implants increases dramatically.

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