When it comes to getting dental braces in Texas or finding out about the options for clear aligner trays clients can select from, our team offers a range of solutions for you. The first step is to come in to see our team. We will provide a full consultation to discuss the various discreet options that may work in your situation. We can talk about what these options are, how they work, and why they are the best for you. Here’s a look at some of these teeth straightening options.

Clear Braces

Clear ceramic braces are one of the best options for many people. The braces we offer are designed to be hard to see. They are made of a clear material, which allows them to blend in with your existing teeth. They are best for adults and older teens who may need to improve their teeth for cosmetic reasons.

Ceramic braces like these do require a bit more attention and oral hygiene. That’s because they can break easier than other products. We recommend these for some people who want braces that are hard to see and more affordable.

Clear Aligners

Some people may benefit from the use of clear aligners. This type of product is also invisible. They are removable as well. That means you can take them out when you do not want someone to notice them up close. They work as an acrylic tray that helps to straighten your teeth. They are also able to be removed so you can eat and drink normally, and are extremely durable.

Many people find those clear aligners are the best teeth straightening options best suited for more difficult situations. Although in some cases they can take a bit longer to work than more traditional methods of teeth-straightening, overall, they give you a significantly improved smile without causing discomfort.

Should You Invest in Teeth Straightening Options?

There are many benefits to getting your teeth fixed. This includes improved chewing and speaking. Some people also will experience a reduction in teeth grinding. They can reduce the risk of dental injury and cavities in some cases.

Find the Right Treatment for Your Needs

If you are thinking about these treatment options, we encourage you to reach out to us today to find out how well they can work for you. It all starts with an appointment. Learn more by choosing one of our services, such as: